About us

My personal guitar: Luthier Aldo Merlino, Argentina, 1985.

My name is Carlos Perrone; a retired church pastor living in Pickering, Ontario, Canada; and a great guitar lover since my childhood. Silverland is the name of my starting company. I am a friend of some luthiers of international level in my country of origin: Argentina. The purpose of Silverland is to import guitars from those great builders into Canada at a more affordable price for the buyer. In this way, I want to be a helping hand to many advanced guitar students and also many new proffesionals who need a good guitar and cannot pay the huge prices of famous brand ones.

The name Argentina comes from “Argentum” meaning “silver” in latin. The ending “ina” of the name points to a place or country. So understood, the name Argentina means: place or country of silver. Silverland is in English, then, the meaning or translation of the name Argentina in Spanish. The reason for the name is that I will import fine guitars from Argentina.

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